Subscription Agreement

How to unsubscribe from auto-renewals

1. Acknowledgement and Amendments to Terms of Use

This Agreement is made and entered by and between you and Star Focus, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as “Star Focus”, “we” “us”, or “our”) on your use of entrusted payment for automatic yearly or monthly renewal of the EveryDoggy dog training app (hereinafter referred to as the “Renewal Service”) provided by Star Focus. This Agreement also covers the trial period. This Agreement describes the rights and obligations of you and Star Focus regarding your use of the Renewal Service, which is a part of the “Services” under the User Agreement. “You” refers to any individual or entity that uses this Service provided by Star Focus. Please read this Agreement carefully. By subscribing to the Renewal Services, you are entering into a binding legal agreement with us and giving consent to this Agreement.

2 Service Description

2.1 This Service is provided to meet your needs for automatic renewal, and to protect you from any losses that may result from delayed renewal of this Service due to oversight on your part or other reasons, provided that it does not violate the right of withdrawal for consumers in EU law. By using this Service, you grant Star Focus an irrevocable right to deduct the subscription fee for the next billing cycle from the balance of your top-up account, third-party payment account, bank card, or current account (hereinafter collectively referred to as “account”). You shall ensure that you have linked your Star Focus account to any of the preceding accounts and that the fee can be successfully deducted from the account.

2.2 Automatic renewal refers to, on the premise of clause 2.1, a method by which Star Focus charges the subscription fee for the next billing cycle from the aforementioned account. You shall ensure that the payments can be successfully deducted from your account. Any failure of renewal due to insufficient balance in the aforementioned account shall be borne by you.

2.3 Your use of this Service is also bound by the terms and conditions set forth in User Agreement and Star Focus Privacy Policy. Your behaviour during use of this Service shall be deemed as your acknowledgement to terms of use and all forms of notices released by Star Focus regarding this Service.

3 Rights and Obligations

3.1 Star Focus offers you the method for querying the details about payment deduction for monthly automatic renewal, but will not print and forward the appropriate invoice in any capacity (whether a physical or electronic version) to you.

3.2 Star Focus  shall deduct the charge for the next billing cycle from your account on the due date, then generate a payment record in your account, and extend the validity period of your membership services. If you cancel the automatic renewal service prior to the due date, no automatic charges will be made.

3.3 In the event of any error during the payment deduction process, you can contact us ( and coordinate closely with Star Focus to determine the cause of the error and bear the losses. If both parties are at fault for the incurred losses, but to a different extent, the liability that each party bears shall be proportional to their respective fault. Shared liabilities shall be borne equally by the two parties.

3.4 We may make changes or amendments to the relevant service content, rules, and terms under this Agreement when required by business development or technology upgrade.

3.5 If you choose not to cancel this Service, it shall be deemed that you give permission for Star Focus to deduct payment in advance for the next billing period. Once the deduction is successful, Star Focus shall provide membership services to you for the duration of the next billing cycle.

3.6 If the subscription fee for Star Focus is adjusted when or before the automatic renewal takes place, you will be notified, and the new subscription fee shall apply after obtaining your consent.

4 Validity Period and Termination of this Agreement

4.1 This Agreement shall become effective upon your acceptance or use of this Service and terminate upon your cancellation of this Service.

4.2 You may terminate this Renewal Service at any time by going to  your Huawei account profile.

4.3 If you have instructed Star Focus to deduct a subscription fee for automatic renewal before you terminate this Service, the instruction shall survive the termination of this Service. Star Focus will not refund any deductions that were made according to your instruction or bear any responsibilities thereof.

5 Liability for Breach of Contract

Subject to the User Agreement, In case of breach of this Agreement by one party, the observant party has the right to seek compensation through the dispute resolution methods agreed by both parties.

6 General Terms

6.1 If any part of this Agreement is deemed as invalid by the court or other competent authorities, any other provisions shall not be affected and shall continue to be enforceable and binding upon both parties to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

6.2 The termination of this Agreement does not affect the  User Agreement.

Last updated: Oct 20, 202