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About EveryDoggy

The #1 dog training app and web
courses, created by top canine experts.

What makes EveryDoggy Unique?

  • We have 70+ exclusive guided videos for all essential skills and behaviors (reliable recall, leash training, potty training, sit, down, stay, and more).
  • Our puppy program covers ALL of the secrets of raising your pup. Get video lessons on socialization, essential commands, and behavioral issue prevention.
  • Well-proven methods created by top canine specialists. All our dog training programs are tested in practice by thousands of dog parents.
  • For dogs of all ages and training levels. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, you can train them with EveryDoggy.
  • 100% dog-friendly approach. All our lessons are taught with force-free positive reinforcement.
  • We help to save your money and time — you’ll only need 15 minutes a day to train your dog.

What will your dog learn with EveryDoggy?

  • To stop biting and chewing
  • Reliable recall and walking on a loose leash
  • Potty training
  • Essential commands such as Leave it, Drop it, Come, Down and, many more
  • To stop barking excessively and jumping on people
  • Amazing tricks such as Reverse, Spin and Heel
  • Crate training
  • To cope with separation anxiety

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Video Courses

Your puppy chews everything around them, bites and never sleeps at night, whining and howling instead? Or maybe you want to teach your adult dog essential commands? We offer personalized puppy & adult dog training programs matching your needs exactly.
Focus on your aim and get started!

Problem-solving Guides

Having to deal with problems can really make you feel paralyzed and desperate. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! EveryDoggy provides effective solutions to behavioral problems. Learn to address leash pulling, house soiling, chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, unwanted jumping up, and more.

Tricks and Games

Keep your dog mentally and physically active with tricks, games and commands that come with clear step-by-step video instructions. Start from basic Name, Sit and Down commands and move to advanced tricks like Photo and Spin.

Clicker and Whistle

You can make the training process easier with a clicker or a whistle. While training, use the clicker exactly when your dog performs the desired behavior and therefore, reinforce this behavior. You don’t have to purchase a clicker or a whistle as EveryDoggy already has these as built-in features.

What dog parents say about EveryDoggy

«Very clear and easy-to-follow lessons. My puppy likes training and we’ve both learned a lot.»
Megan and Leo
«The "Zen" command makes wonders. Thanks to it, my dog is super-calm at the veterinary clinic during procedures.»
Linda B.
«These lessons are extremely important, especially those with self-control exercises. My Jonny has quickly learned to not jump on my guests. However, my buddy still pulls on the leash but we follow your advice and make progress every day.»
Caroline Shaw
«Thanks for the clicker-training lesson. I’ve heard it’s very popular but it was unclear how to use it. I’ve quickly familiarized my dog with the clicker and now we have started to learn tricks.»
Jake L.

Build a lifetime bond with your dog through positive training.

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