How Do You Train a Puppy To Pee Outside?

So, your puppy grew up, their quarantine is over, and it is time to walk them outside.

Here comes an important question: how do you train your puppy to go potty outside? When the puppy grows up, they gradually learn to hold it in and do their “business” outside. 

However, this takes some time.

Here we will remind you about one very important rule:

As soon as your puppy goes potty at home on pee pads or in any other designated spot, you should name this action with a word—whatever word works for you. Afterwards, you’ll use this word outside, suggesting to your pet that they should go potty on their walk.

As a rule, puppies go potty after they wake up, during and after playing, and after eating or drinking. So take advantage of these opportunities!

If you see that your puppy does their potty business during their walk, actively praise them and reward them with treats for a job well done. 

train a puppy to pee outside

Usually puppies stop peeing inside the house by the age of 7 months.

The speed of training depends on the puppy’s age and the intervals between walks.

All you have to do is walk your puppy properly and reward them for going potty outside.  Ideally, try to walk your puppy no less than 4 times a day. If you can’t walk your puppy 4-5 times a day, don’t worry. Let your puppy pee on pads at home and walk according to your schedule. However,  if you manage to walk your pet 4 times or more it may speed up the training process.

But what do you do if your puppy refuses to go potty outside and accidents happen at home? 

  1. Try to take a smelly pad with you on a walk.
  2. Try to walk in places with many different smells and marks of other dogs.
  3. Be patient. Have a few short walks instead of a long one. You don’t have to walk your puppy for two hours waiting for bathroom success.
  4. If your puppy doesn’t go potty outside, go back home and take your puppy’s gear off. Hold the puppy in your arms so that they don’t have the physical opportunity to pee in your home. After fifteen minutes, go for another walk. You can also put your puppy on a leash, approach a pee pad, let your puppy sniff it and then go for a short walk. Do not forget to offer and remind the puppy to do their potty business outside with a cue word that you’ve chosen for this action.

When training your puppy to do their “business” outside, don’t praise them for pottying on a pee pad,  don’t scold them for bathroom mistakes and always praise them for peeing outside.

Remember that training a puppy to pee outside takes time and commitment, so don’t lose patience.

September 29, 2021

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