How Do You Stop a Puppy From Eating Poop?

Before we get into the solutions to this admittedly uncomfortable problem, let’s take a look at the potential reasons why a puppy may be eating poop in the first place:

  1. This can be their way to have fun.
  2. This is the process of acquiring microflora and soon the puppy will no longer be looking for it.
  3. Puppies try to cover up the evidence of their actions, especially if they are scolded for pooping in the wrong place(s).
  4. Puppies might have health issues. This could include parasites, a lack of vitamins and minerals, or stomach and digestion problems.
  5. They might have an improper diet and the wrong choice of food. 

First of all, it is important to solve health and nutrition issues, if there are any.

Contact your veterinarian—they may prescribe a course of vitamins or minerals, probiotics or help you adjust your puppy’s diet.

If your puppy’s health is fine, let’s move on to the other reasons.

stop a puppy from eating poop

If your puppy is still in quarantine and they don’t leave your house, eating poop can be one of their ways of exploring the world as they have little entertainment in general.

Usually, this behavior fades away pretty quickly, and the puppy stops eating poop without any additional training when they start walking outside, getting new and interesting stimuli.

Never scold your pup for eating poop. This won’t help to solve the problem. Try to be patient and don’t react emotionally if your puppy does their “business” in the wrong place.

Soon things will get better, so don’t give up!

Watch your puppy carefully and as soon as they poop, call them in order to give them a treat. Let your puppy run to you to get a treat. When they are busy with eating treats, you have time to clean everything up. 

All you have to do in this stage is to praise your puppy, reward them with treats and take care of the mess.

September 29, 2021

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