Tips to Stop a Dog From Chewing on Shoes
We know how painful it is when you come home and find your most expensive Italian shoes chewed to an unwearable condition. This is obviously not the present you want to get from your pup, it's more like unbudgeted and unwanted expenses. So why do dogs chew shoes and what should you do to stop it?
How do you stop your puppy from chewing?

Puppies explore the world using their teeth and it's no wonder that everything around, including your shoes, falls under their thorough examination.

Actually, the first advice comes from this: if the puppy is left unattended, take all shoes away so the pup can't get to them.

But when you are at home and you can watch the pet, put the shoes in the puppy's sight to teach the pup that these are not things to have fun with. The "Rope" method, introduced by leading canine specialists, can come in handy.

Tie a rope to the puppy's collar or harness. If the puppy grabs a shoe, give a "Stop" command, come closer, step on the end of the rope, gently (very, very gently!) pull the pup to yourself, take a shoe and repeat several times: "Stop!" Hold the shoe in your hand, do not drag it out of the puppy's mouth. Sooner or later the pup will spit the shoe out. Praise the puppy, but continue to hold the shoe in front of it. If the pup tries to grab the shoe again, say "Stop!" once again. Continue until the moment the puppy turns away from the shoe and loses its interest. As soon as this happens, praise the puppy, let him go and bring the shoe to its place. If the puppy tries to get the shoe again (be sure, it will try to do it), repeat the process once again.

This method won't make the puppy scared of its owner as no hitting or screaming is involved, but it will make the pup understand that there are some prohibitions which never change. The puppy will understand that it is allowed to stand and walk near the shoes, but not to grab them.

As a rule, it takes about 2 weeks for the puppy to get used to not grabbing shoes. Some puppies need 2-3 iterations, some - 20. The main thing is to be persistent and consistent, never to give up and take your frustrations out on the pup.

Make sure to provide the puppy with the toys which it is allowed to have fun with.

It would be a grave mistake to offer the puppy old shoes as a toy. The dog sees no difference between an old shoe and your best boots and will be very confused if you allow it to chew one and swear for chewing the other one.
How do you stop an adult dog from chewing shoes?

As a rule, boredom and stress are two main reasons why adult dogs chew shoes. In the first case, the dog tries to engage itself in some kind of entertaining activity, in the second one - to calm itself down (chewing soothes dogs). There's also a hypothesis that swallowing of inedible objects (including fragments of shoes) is associated with gastrointestinal tract diseases, and if you see your dog swallowing inedible objects, consult a veterinarian.

Some people choose the way which seems to be the simplest one - they punish the dog. However, punishment doesn't satisfy a need and therefore does not solve the problem. Moreover, it only aggravates the dog's stress and makes the situation worse.

Do not be tempted to hit the dog with a slipper or poke its nose into spoiled shoes, this won't help at all.

Usually, such behavior is a symptom of the dog's distress, that's why you should work with the cause of the problem, not with the symptoms.

Try to understand what need your dog is trying to fulfill and do it in such a way as to find a mutually acceptable solution. Check whether the 5 dog's freedoms are being observed and if any is violated, think how to change your pet's life for the better, so it has no need to entertain or console himself by damaging your property.

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, consult a specialist.
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