Why does my dog whine? What can I do?
Dogs are pack animals and that means they actively communicate with both people and other dogs. Whining is a kind of communication, an attempt to deliver a message. So why do dogs whine and what to do about it?
Why does a dog whine?

There are many reasons why dogs whine, here are the main ones:
  1. The dog needs something or is experiencing discomfort. For instance, a water bowl is empty and your pet is thirsty or your dog desperately wants to go outside to relieve itself, but you don't hurry to do it. Or maybe, its favourite ball is under the sofa and your four-legged friend can not get it.
  2. The dog is bored. Yes, dogs are like humans and they can experience boredom. But if a person is able entertainment himself, dogs, in this sense, are limited to the conditions humans create for them.
  3. The dog is suffering from pain. In this case, it whines when changing positions, in an attempt to stand up or lie down, shaking ears at the same time or demonstrates other symptoms of malaise (for example, whines immediately after food or during urination).
  4. The dog is suffering from solitude. Some dogs cannot stand being alone and they begin to whine, experiencing anxiety or urging the owner to return immediately.
  5. The dog's overexcitement can be the cause of whining. Animals find it hard to cope with this state and their excessive emotions are released in the form of whining.
  6. The dog knows it can draw your attention in such a way. If the owner quickly and easily breaks away from his affairs when the dog begins to whine, but does not pay much attention during other times, it is exactly the owner who taught his dog to whine.
What should I do if my dog whines?

The ways of how to deal with whining are closely connected to the reasons causing it.

  1. If you think your dog may be ill, consult with a veterinarian asap and follow his recommendations.
  2. If the dog whines because of discomfort, it is necessary to understand the cause and eliminate it.
  3. The owner should ask himself: is my dog bored? Are all its needs satisfied? Is it entertained enough? Does it have enough toys? Is it able to behave like a dog? Is it being walked enough? Do I spend enough time with it?
  4. If solitude is unbearable for your doggy, check whether all its 5 freedoms are observed. There are also some very mild techniques that help the dog to cope with anxiety caused by separation from the owner.
  5. If the dog whines only to draw your attention (and you are 100% sure of that and excluded any other possible reasons), ignore these attempts but pay enough attention when it demonstrates the desired behavior (for example, quietly lies).
  6. If your dog cannot handle its excitement, it is your duty to teach it to control itself. You can do it with the help of many games and exercises that are pleasant and useful at the same time.
Dog's whining can irritate the owner, but it is usually a signal that something is wrong.

You should understand why the dog whines, and create the conditions in which this behavior is unnecessary.
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